CALL TO WORSHIP (Exodus 34:29-35 & Luke 9:29-36):

Shining face … words of covenant … below the mountain, we fall on our faces.

To be here … it is good for us.

Star-led to the light of the world, in lowly manger reposing … between the mountains, we kneel to worship.*

To be here … it is good for us.

Dazzling brightness … law-giver and prophet, Chosen Son … atop the mountain, we stand in awe.

To be here … it is good for us.

Today, the light which shone from Moses’ face … the brilliance which led the Magi … and which woke up the disciples, so long ago …

Today, from Jesus, this same glory is radiant.

Today … to be here … it is good for us.

Give praise unto God!



* Bethlehem is approximately half-way between Mount Tabor (the traditional site of the Transfiguration) and Mount Sinai (where Moses received the Law).

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