UPDATE: Jimmy Lai arrested

Just a few days ago, I put up a post on this site praising Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai for his courageous resistance to the Communist crackdown on human rights and personal freedoms in the former British colony. I mentioned that Lai was awaiting a court date on September 15, related to his involvement in the June 4, 2020 vigil marking the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown. But it looks like Beijing couldn’t wait another month to silence him. Lai was arrested at his office on Monday morning. You can read the Globe and Mail reporting about this HERE:


All I can do today is reiterate what I said in closing my post last week …

Let’s all pray for Jimmy Lai. Let’s pray for the bolstering of his courage in the face of danger, and the preservation of his love of freedom, and of his commitment to the truth. Let’s pray that his faith remains unshakable—especially his faith in the idea that circumstances in Hong Kong may yet improve.

More than that, let’s do whatever we can to encourage our western governments—in Canada and elsewhere—to do whatever they can to support those who are risking everything to preserve freedom of expression and human rights in the former British territory. Let’s pray for an outstretched hand. Let’s put our prayers into action.


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